Minggu, Juli 21, 2024
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The Alpha Girls Guide

Judul Buku: The Alpha Girls Guide: The Woman's Guide to Becoming Bold, Resilient, and Truly Unstoppable Penulis: Henry Manampiring Penerbit: Gagas media Jumlah Halaman: 280 halaman Tahun terbit...

Seeking out Meaning in Education

When anything goes wrong in society, people promptly point the finger to education. Recurring social problems such as student clashes, interethnic or interfaith conflicts,...

Pragmatism in Education

The fact that English has become the world's most important foreign language to learn in schools is indicative of its outstanding contribution to the...

Bahasa Indonesia di Kalangan Mahasiswa Asing

Bahasa Indonesia Bagi Penutur Asing (BIPA) menjadi jembatan bagi bahasa Indonesia sendiri untuk menjamah dunia secara lebih luas lagi. Sesuai dengan visi misi BIPA...

Memasang Anti Virus untuk Anak

Jika mendengar kata “anti virus” pikiran kita akan memvisualisasikan anti virus seperti yang ada pada komputer kita seperti SMADAV, Avira, Afast, dan lain-lain. Anti...

Green Classroom against Red Forces for the Mother Earth

We went through a shocking phase to read such headline capitalizing the earth will no longer habitable in 2100. Public thus questions our ability...

Should We Take Higher Education to be Successful?

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” said Nelson Mandela. In this era, many parents are then...

Does Debating Matter for Education?

Indonesian general election, especially the presidential election, which will be held in less than a month strongly draws the interest of society. Since the...

Javaenglish, A Threat or Opportunity?

My sister, who is in senior high school, texted me couple days ago, “sorry ya bro, aku rak isa mangkat wingi. Iki lagi on the way (I...

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