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Is KPOP For Girls Only?

Angelika Olivia
Angelika Olivia
Student of Citra Berkat Junior High School

KPOP or Korean POP is a music genre originating from South Korea which has unique musical characteristics that are easy to remember and also have certain movements from each song. KPOP first developed in the 2000s. Usually, people who bring songs of this genre will usually show off their body movements with energetic dances. The rhythm of KPOP music on average has a happy feel and has a fast tempo that invites people to do the dance together so that KPOP music is often used as a self-encouraging song.

Currently KPOP has a lot of fans who are commonly called “KPOPERS”. KPOPERS is already rampant in various circles of society around the world with a total of about 7.5 billion people. So we can say that every year KPOPERS will experience a significant increase so that many agencies are competing in publishing a girlband/boyband with songs that have their own characteristics in each group. In Indonesia, fans of KPOP or KPOPERS are commonplace and it can be said that this is a current trend that is usually used as a reference in clothing and music. Based on the official #KpopTwitter report, Indonesia is the number one country with the highest number of tweets about KPOP.

Based on a survey conducted by IDN Times in 2019, as many as 92.1% of women in Indonesia are kpopers. Then as many as 7.9% of men in Indonesia are kpopers. Currently, there are a lot of girl groups that are debuting and they usually have visuals that captivate the hearts of boys. It shows that men are also allowed to like kpop because kpop does not depend on gender. It can be seen that there are a lot of kpop fans, both boy bands and girl bands.

Because we uphold human rights and everyone will be treated fairly. So, it’s normal for a boy or boy if he likes to listen to K-POP. Everyone, every boy and girl has the right to listen and watch all they want. Nowadays, most K-pop fans are dominated by teenage girls and young adult women. However, as K-pop evolved, many teenage boys and young adult men have gotten into the K-pop fandom, mostly liking girl groups. Boys and men usually listen to rock music, but nowadays there are a lot of K-rock bands like Day6.

Female idols are also much favored by men because they have beautiful and charming faces. Female idols are also liked by women, but on average women will prefer male idols. For example, BTS is the biggest boy group in the world and is achieving immense popularity. However, this is different from the fact that BTS failed to conquer domestic music lovers, especially men. Male K-Pop fans are more prone to being cornered than female fans, because it is considered ‘abnormal’ if men idolize their same gender. The proof is that it is more common for men to express their admiration for Lisa Blackpink than men who praise Jungkook BTS.

The conclusion is that every human being has the right to what they like. People who have a penchant for kpop does not mean they are crazy, they have the right to like anything regardless of who they are and what their position is. So we shouldn’t look down on other people just because they are different from us. These differences sometimes make every human being perfect.

Angelika Olivia
Angelika Olivia
Student of Citra Berkat Junior High School
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