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Technology Makes People Individual, Is It Fact or Fake?

Andre Nathan Wardhana
Andre Nathan Wardhana
An ordinary writer :D

What comes to your mind when you hear technology? “Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life or, as it is sometimes phrased, to the change and manipulation of the human environment” (Britannica, n.d.). Since industry revolution, technology has massive change and innovation. Many technologies invented and helped human life until now. In addition, now technology could generate money and give human new jobs sector such as online taxi driver which makes peoples mobility more efficient.

Behind those helpful stereotypes, some peoples says that technology make people individual. For real example, when you go to public places and look around, you can realize that almost every people had their own gadgets. Technology took people interest and make they ignored what happened around them. Technology indirectly makes peoples individual. The longer you use it, the more it controls your mind.

Since COVID-19 pandemic occurred, people activities such as school, work, seminar, course, concert, and other events were held in virtual. Technology had a big role in this era. With technology human could meet each other without meeting face to face. Technology could connect person with another person even both person in the long distance such as different country or region. It could bring positive impacts in diplomatic, business, or educational sectors.

Other than that, technology could bring people with same interest together. Twitter, Telegram, Whatsapp, Discord are some examples of social media apps that you could use to meet your friends from another region or country that had same interest with you. When you meet people with same interest you could collaborate or exchange opinions with other and it will expand your friendships and connections. With those interactions human could unite the world and reduce war potential. Technology has unlimited range and room for human interactions.

“There are many educational elements of technology that can help children learn” (West Governors University, 2019). Children had infinity learning resources and medias with technology. They could learn writing, reading, counting and other learning activities by using technology. Their parents didn’t have to buy learning books or toys for their children, they could access it using technology for free or paid if they want. With technology education sector will improved and more efficient.

In conclusion, basically technology invented in order to make human life more efficient. Technology doesn’t make human individual but the user itself. Technology is an inanimate object, that couldn’t control human but human control themselves using the technology and choose being individual person. It’s important to manage time in using technology. Human should take full control of themselves and fully consider what will they do or act.


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Andre Nathan Wardhana
Andre Nathan Wardhana
An ordinary writer :D
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