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Refute “The Clash of Civilization”

Muhammad Dudi Hari Saputra
Muhammad Dudi Hari Saputra
Lecturer at Kutai Kartanegara University and Former Industrial Ministry Special Analyze


In 1993 Huntington’s thesis describes flow criticize the perspective of endism like Francis Fukuyama, who thought the end of history will end up in the hands of capital-liberal thinking.

Huntington criticized and explained that the world will continue from capitalist versus communist ideology conflict towards identity conflicts, which in essence and sagacious he said that the western world will experience clash with the Muslim world.

A thesis, which then refutes and considered folly by Edward Said in his article titled “Clash of Ignorance”.

Edward Said considered the idea thinking of Huntington obnoxious in puts the definition of civilization, such as a lack of clarity the clash between the western and Islamic civilizations because the west it is geography while Islam is a religion. Similarly, Islam and Confucius (China), because the Islamic identity and China as a nation are not two opposites, because it could be he is a Muslim at the same time a man of the Chinese nation.

Then, Edward said explained the idea of classical ideology (rational) which is dichotomy no longer relevant and compatible, because the identity of the globalized world; assimilation and acculturation has been immense, especially if we look at it from the perspective of postmodernism, in which the boundary bulkhead identity is increasingly blurred and mutual imitate each other.

So why is it called a clash of ignorance, because a conflict of identity is unnecessary and not in the sense palpable and plausible of human ideas, which nature cannot run from the difference (as dictated by the Koran).

I would agree Vedi R. Hadiz thought, which considers a political identity nothing more than protection business of oligarchic groups (the economic elites) in particular, the use of identity as an infrastructure legitimacy to maintain privileged position.

This is in line with the views Airlangga Pribadi, that the issue of economic competition as a base structure is embodied in an era of the democratic power struggle that is using the identity issue as a pretext hammer justification.

Our democracy is not perfect because it gave birth to solely fight between an elite group. By Jeffrey Winters oligarchs not against democracy, but instead, use it to further smooth the dominance of their group. And this can happen in any group, well Paretto always the same story, in the fight of elites, became the victim is always the marginal people.

Muhammad Dudi Hari Saputra
Muhammad Dudi Hari Saputra
Lecturer at Kutai Kartanegara University and Former Industrial Ministry Special Analyze
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