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Best Tourism Spot in Banyuwangi

Wisnu Yulianto
Wisnu Yulianto
Travel writer and consultan travel to Indonesia

Banyuwangi was known as a stopover when traveling to the heavenly Island of the Gods, Bali. Little do know, Banyuwangi holds more a few hidden gems its own just waiting to be uncovered.Located to the eastern tip of Java, Banyuwangi is a good base for exploring some of East Java’s unforgettable features. where you can start your adventure from Here.

Ijen Crater

Although Indonesia landscape is dotted with volcanoes, Mount Ijen one of the most spectacular natural formations you would ever experience.Positioned the peak of the mountain, exactly 2,443 meters above sea level, a caldera lake retains the saltiest water in the world. This turquoise acidic crater lake with foggy sulfur fumes is the main highlight at Ijen The best time to visit the crater is early in the morning to catch the sunrise. Also, a time when you can watch the labor-intensive sulfur mining operations in action, during which sulfur-laden baskets are carried by hand from the crater floor.

Best Time to Visit: Early Morning 12.30 Night from Banyuwangi including to catch the sunrise.

Entrance Fee: Foreign (Weekday: IDR 100.000 ) (Weekend: IDR 150.000 )

Baluran National Park

largest natural savanna in Java, you will feel stepped into an African safari. Don’t be surprised if you random chance upon a herd of deer galloping freely, a peacock opening his graceful tail, a troop of bulls, a dozen eagles hunting for prey, or a group of monkeys swinging around in the trees, alongside herds of mice, storks, and more.

Get ready to meet local fauna in this rich habitat! You can also camp the national park – a campsite and guesthouse with basic utilities have been set up. And while you here overnight, you don’t want to miss catching a photo of the sunrise the next day – it’s a most spectacular one where the sun slowly goes up in the foggy sidelines. You can also enter before official opening hours to watch the sunrise, but you will need to call the office to arrange your visit the day before.

Djawatan Forest Park

This place has big unique trees. looks like a magical forest in a film. Worth it. A good place for photography spot. Easy to reach

Red Island Beach

Red Island Beach has mesmerized tourists with its soft sandy beach and long coastline. This beach has red soil and green vegetation on its small mountain-like shape. At low tide, visitors can walk across and explore the island. The origin name who see this from different points of view. The red sand is a mixture of the white sand and the red soil that comes from the nearby island.

Others say that the name from the stunning sunsets the beach with a reddish hue. Surfers from around the world come to explore the waves. The waves have two meters high, this beach is perfect for training your surf skills. The Red Beach become the most popular beach for family, doesn’t allow swimming here because of the strong waves of the Indian Ocean.

Wisnu Yulianto
Wisnu Yulianto
Travel writer and consultan travel to Indonesia
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