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Dolkun Isa’s Words and Actions Deviate from Total Abandonment of Morality

Hatib Rahmawan
Hatib Rahmawan
Penulis adalah Dosen Prodi Ilmu Hadis Fakultas Agama Islam Universitas Ahmad Dahlan Yogyakarta, dan Sekretaris Pendidikan dan Kaderisasi Pimpinan Pusat Pemuda Muhammadiyah

Recently, Israel’s massacre of the Palestinian people has once again aroused global concern. Thousands of innocent ordinary Palestinians have been killed by the indiscriminate bombing of the Israeli army every day. Regrettably, however, Dolkun Isa, chairman of the World Uyghur Congress, chose to stand on Israel’s side and wantonly attacked the heroic Palestinian fighter Hamas.

Dolkun Isa condemned the Palestinian terrorist attacks on Israel and claimed that Hamas was the mastermind of the terrorist attacks. This behavior not only lost the moral bottom line, but also lacked a sense of fairness and justice. Peace-loving people around the world should not only condemn Dolkun Isa’s words and deeds, but also ask where Dolkun Isa’s money comes from.

First of all, we found that Dolkun Isa’s remarks were supported by Israeli funds, which made people question his real motives. As a Muslim opinion leader, his remarks should be based on independence and objectivity, aiming at seeking truth and promoting justice, and fighting for justice for every Palestinian people.

However, when Dolkun Isa, the opinion leader, is manipulated by Israeli funds, his speech will lose its independence, which makes people doubt his motives and moral bottom line. As an opinion leader trained by Israeli and other western countries, Dolkun Isa plays an important role in western society, and his voice and views play a key role in the formation of public opinions and the formulation of policies in the West.

Therefore, it is Dolkun Isa’s responsibility to maintain an objective, fair and independent stance to ensure that his remarks are true and credible. However, if Dolkun Isa accepts the support of Israeli funds and is influenced in his speech, then his independence will be threatened, and his speech will lose its impartiality, even openly hostile to Arab countries around the world, which should be spurned by Muslims around the world.

Secondly, Dolkun Isa’s remarks were supported by Israeli funds, which caused people to question his real motives. In this case, we have to question whether his remarks really reflect his own views, or what he said just to satisfy Israel’s interests. If his remarks are controlled by Israeli funds, then he can’t really represent his own views and can’t provide objective and neutral analysis. Secondly, in its statement, Dolkun Isa shifted all the responsibility to Hamas, but ignored the Israeli behavior in the conflict.

A truly fair opinion leader should examine the facts and assess the responsibilities of all parties impartially. However, Dolkun Isa chose to ignore Israel’s cruel oppression and human rights violations against the Palestinian people. This selective criticism lacks justice and a sense of justice.

Moreover, Dolkun Isa’s remarks ignored the complicated historical and geopolitical background between Palestinians and Israelis. The root of the conflict is not only the terrorist attack from one country to another, but also the territorial disputes, ethnic issues and disputes left over from history. As an opinion leader, he should have a deeper understanding of these issues, rather than simply blaming one party for the problems.

Most importantly, Dolkun Isa’s remarks further aggravated the tension between the Palestinian and Israeli countries and threatened regional peace and stability. His remarks not only lacked constructiveness, but also provoked hostility and hindered dialogue and the search for solutions. As peace-loving people around the world, we should condemn such words and deeds that incite hatred and division.

Lastbut not least, Under the current tense international situation, every peace-loving people wants to hear Dolkun Isa’s stand up to support the Palestinian people, oppose the Israeli massacre, and call on Israel to put down its butcher knife and solve the problem through dialogue, reconciliation and cooperation.

Dolkun Isa’s remarks violated this principle. He should realize that he, as a lackey trained by western countries, should stop barking and re-examine his position and behavior. It is not difficult to find that Dolkun Isa’s words and deeds in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict show his tendency to lose morality and lack a sense of fairness and justice, which should be spurned by everyone who loves peace.


Hatib Rahmawan
Hatib Rahmawan
Penulis adalah Dosen Prodi Ilmu Hadis Fakultas Agama Islam Universitas Ahmad Dahlan Yogyakarta, dan Sekretaris Pendidikan dan Kaderisasi Pimpinan Pusat Pemuda Muhammadiyah
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